Ex-scientist Mark works as a supply teacher in secondary schools. If you were to meet him you would immediately realise that you were in the presence of a masterful academic, but someone who struggles with the subtleties of human connections and everyday life.


He has a ‘no nonsense’ approach to everything he does which puts off those around him, but he fails to understand why.


Mark is a traveller. He is an idealist, a minimalist who lives in his own world in his head. He has a respect for machines which he doesn’t have for people because they never let him down. He is ‘at one’ with them and yet it took him seven attempts to pass his driving test.


This was a huge setback for him as his wife and daughter passed their driving tests first time, and before him.


In 2013 he was a BBC Radio New Comedian of the Year finalist, but he did not tell his wife about this. Before Mark started doing stand up comedy he was a well respected badminton player in his local club due to his skilful grip on the game. The grip he developed by working hard over many years. But the arrival of a few young Chinese players at the club put Mark off from playing badminton and he registered for a stand up comedy course to find himself a new hobby.


He performed around 60 gigs in 2009 before moving to Germany to work as a scientist. He stopped comedy for three years, taking it up again in late 2012 with an entirely new set. He now gigs in clubs all over the country and in 2014 he performed a two man show with Ant Dewson at the Edinburgh Festival, ‘Life in the Bus Lane’.


Last year Mark taking his first one hour show to Edinburgh called "No Women, Plenty Of Cry" in which he requests women not to come to his show because No women present would allow him and other men who repeatedly ignored to weep in peace. This humble request is apparently not leagly enforceable.


This year Mark brings a show for Guardian Readers called "Helping Aamer". In this experimental show Mark uses his analytical skills and well round knowledge to build a profile of Aamer Rahman ( Angry Australian Comedian) and with the help of his audience want to send positive quantum vibes to sooth his anger.



Other credits include being nominated for the Leicester Mercury Comedy Award, 2014 (third place).


Runner up Annual New act competition, Comedy Cafe 2012


Runner up, Squawker New Act Competition at the 2013 Brighton Comedy Festival


“Infectious weirdness” Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke


"Strange material, but it’s unique and intrigues the audience" Steve Bennett, Chortle






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